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Looking at this little duo from The Body Shop, you may be thinking Hannah they are basically the same. Yes your quite right, they definitely both have the same sweet almond fragrance but they have different uses. Firstly let’s stick with the scent, I don’t know about you but it’s the first thing I am drawn too if buying skincare in store. I suffer with bad migraines and scents can be one of the triggers so I’m now really careful to use the testers and walk round for a little to see if it suites me. Most stores are ok with this.

I was instantly drawn to the Almond out of the many scents available at TBS knowing it wouldn’t be overly floral or ‘heady’, a family term I can’t quite describe. I wasn’t disappointed, this is a lovely soft but sweet scent but it does linger on the skin which is something I love about The Body Shop products.

The Almond Hand and Nail cream in the squeezy tube is the first one I tried, I have used these before in different scents so was confident that this would be a good moisturiser for my hands. My skin on the whole, although I bruise really easily is generally ok I have no other issues apart from dry elbows in the cold English weather. However as I have been working with flowers more and more in my daily work, I have started to notice my hands are sometimes sore due to all the bleach and flower feeds we use and pin pricks from the wire work and pretty pins in bouquets. This cream has been great, it is light weight and soaks into the skin instantly, making it perfect to apply throughout the day to keep you hands happy and hydrated. With almond oil and Shea butter you are definitely applying the right recipe. I love this style of tube too, which also comes in a smaller size, so perfect for on the go.

The Almond Hand and Nail Butter is very similar  with the same sweet scent and ingredients, but I would describe it more as a treatment. If you have tried any of their body butters before you will know they are a lot thicker in consistency. Even though it soaks into the skin instantly and doesn’t leave the skin greasy it definitely feels heavier and more buttery on the skin. As with all my thicker body butters I like to use them in the evening before bed. Applying a thick layer on my hands, nails and sometimes my heels to soak in overnight. In the morning you can really feel the difference, my nail beds and hands always feel softer and more soothed each time. I use this two or three times a week to keep my hands hydrated as much as possible and top up with the hand cream in the day if I need too.

How do you like to keep your hands hydrated?


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Instagram log: April

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Cards for Friends | Sunny Sand Drawings | Beauty Box Goodies

My Little Box | Fresh Roses | Pantone Colour Swatches

April for me has been a total blur, a washout of month and one I don’t really want to repeat. Full of uni deadlines and ill health beyond my control. However not to be a negative nelly as we don’t like her. We are four weeks closer to summer with one deadline to go and fingers crossed I am over the worst illness for now. It’s crazy writing this the day after we had snow in England but the sunshine months are literally around the corner, I am that excited I could pop. Ha!

I started my Instagram logs last month and it seemed to go down well so I thought I would share all the best bits of this month too, I wouldn’t want you to miss out now. For such a weird month my feed turned out to be a pastel lovers dream. There is nothing I love more than giving gifts and when you find a cute card it makes the treat all the more special. The beginning of the month brought glorious sunshine and a rare free day which meant basking in the rays and drawing pictures in the sand.

With a quick switch in the weather, cosy indoor evenings meant I could catch up and delve into my subscription boxes and what a treat that was, little surprises can brighten up anybody’s day. Despite the crazy weather beautiful blooms of all kinds have been appearing, gorgeous scents and spring like colours, my fave! Talking of colours, I had a special delivery from Pantone, the masters of colours. Many of you may think I am crazy crushin’ on these, but what you don’t know is they mean the start of very big things in Summer so they were super exciting for me.

How did you April turn out?  Any good thoughts to share with us all?


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