Escape Rooms | Manchester

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We recently got invited to experience the escape rooms in Manchester for the evening. Having no idea what to expect and wondering if live actors would jumped out at you in the dark we headed over nervously to find out what it was all about.

We were warmly greeted and ushered over to the their cute little bar which was tucked away in a nook at the back of the building. Our first room was to be shared with some other people we hadn’t met yet, meaning more brain power but the tasks of working with strangers aswell. We headed into the ‘Science Lab’ room, a level five so it was going to be tough (we thought). We we giving a quick safety briefing and a little spiel about the room, the timer was set for sixty minutes and the offer of a starting point was given, that was it! It was up to us to solve the clues, work together, avoid wrong choices and climb through hidden walls. It was fun and challenging, we did have to ask for a clue twice but we made it and escaped through the coded door in forty two minutes before the body on the science lab gave us anymore frights. It’s quite surreal having to work against the clock and in a small dark place, it definitely adds a lot of pressure, but try to not focus on it too much and you will soon be sussing out the clues. Don’t fret if you need to get out you can straight away and there is a switch if you need assistance, we felt completely safe the whole time.  (I couldn’t quite believe we did it, I even poked my head around to the desk and asked does that mean we’re out now, yup)

After a little drink, a bit if fresh air and a chat with some of the staff me and Dave were kindly offered the chance of experiencing another room in a smaller group just the two of us. We decided on the ‘Prison Break’ room which is a level 4 difficulty. Before we had entered the room we were already handcuffed together and wondered if we would even be able to get through the first clue being so restricted (we kept it on the whole time silly, perhaps rethink that if you’re going in this room). Anyhow, we did get through the first clue and it was so much fun, we were so proud when we got this first one. This room involved lots of numbers and looking out for the obvious rather that doing what you initially are draw to when trying to escape a cell. You can have lots of fun in hour despite being locked in the dark and literally in prison with nothing but a torch and your team mate for comfort and help.

A thoroughly good experience, we eoupd definitely go back to try out the other rooms. It would be such a good work teambuilder or race if you go down with your mates into seperate rooms Just remember to think outside the box for the clues or perhaps in the box. Things maybe not be what you seem. Your maths, colours, patterns and pyshical skills will all be tested, but not in the way you might imagine.

Cryptic I know, but I can’t give you too many clues! So would you go, check out their website for a venue you.


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Instagram Log: June

Instagram Log June locked in a blog

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June, a total whirlwind as they say. Family birthdays, deadlines, days out and holiday memories it may have been crazy but there was lots of fun things packed in along the way. With deadlines all coming to an end June was the time to breathe a little sigh of relief and dream about a good nights sleep once my mind remembered how to stop a little.

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Ocean World | Dominican Republic

ocean world dominican locked in a bow blog

The last days of April brought absolutely insane hot days and tropical storms of an evening. We decided to take a day out from the picture perfect Dominican beaches and head over to Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata.

We booked a day trip via Thomas Cook, so all we had to do was get up early ready to be picked up for a day full of fun. Ocean World is set aside a beautiful marina and casino both of which you can visit during your day.

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Five | Ways to beat exam stress.

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Exams and deadlines are tough and stressful for anyone no matter what age, from school, to uni or in the workplace. Added pressure can affect people in many ways. I have always been ok when I have stepped into the exam room but the weeks preparing beforehand were always a struggle. It is important to remember that this stress won’t last forever however hard it may seem right now. You will come out the other side and be proud of yourself for going in their and doing all you could.

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Almond Hand and Nail Range | The Body Shop

The Body Shop Almond hand and nail cream

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Looking at this little duo from The Body Shop, you may be thinking Hannah they are basically the same. Yes your quite right, they definitely both have the same sweet almond fragrance but they have different uses. Firstly let’s stick with the scent, I don’t know about you but it’s the first thing I am drawn too if buying skincare in store. I suffer with bad migraines and scents can be one of the triggers so I’m now really careful to use the testers and walk round for a little to see if it suites me. Most stores are ok with this.

I was instantly drawn to the Almond out of the many scents available at TBS knowing it wouldn’t be overly floral or ‘heady’, a family term I can’t quite describe. I wasn’t disappointed, this is a lovely soft but sweet scent but it does linger on the skin which is something I love about The Body Shop products.

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