A little treat from the NEXT beauty range!

A little treat from the NEXT beauty range 🙂

Hello beautifuls, 
I hope you’ve all had a good week after bank holiday, it’s nearly weekend again. Woohoo that when fast! 
So today i thought i would do a little post on the little beauties you can find in Next. It’s a place that you would normally head for to pick up clothes and gorgeous homewear…but OH NO they do some really good cosmetics and perfumes aswell for both males and females. Which are so afforable (bonus!)
You do see these pop up more at Christmas time and mothers days etc but if you keep your eyes open there will be a little section.
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I recently recieved a little gift from my boyfriend (aww) its was the shower gel above and a bottle of perfume. He also got me the ‘just pink’ candle but obviously this isn’t cosmetics but it is still gorgeous and smells divine.

Firstly the perfume is 75ml and a flat heart design so doesnt feel bulky at all if you want to put it in your handbag etc. Of course it’s a heart shape so unbelievably cute and something any girl would love on their dressing table. It’s a really sweet fragrance but not to sickly more on the powdery side. It would be perfect for a fresh daytime scent, which is suitable for any age. Well done Next!
Secondly, the HUGE bath/shower gel bottle at a very generous 500ml. This bottle of gorgeousness is going to last you a fair while. I have been waiting for a few weeks to finish the radox one i was currently using and finally at the weekend it was time i could start a new bottle of bubbles for the shower (i love feeling of having a new shower gel, is this just me ha?) Anyhow i love this one already it lathers up so much which is something i really look for. Obviously it’s the same scent as the perfume just on a less concentrated level. However do not fear it still smells divine and with the heat of the shower it just leaves your bathroom smelling like heaven for a good while afterwards, hooray! 
So yes a big thumbs up from me for this. Yes it’s not a exfoliator which some of you like, but we have other products for that, right? It’s the perfect body cleanser and lingers on your skin once dry; leaving you feeling amazing. Also, remember it’s a huge bottle so it’s going to last you ages! Yay! Of course if you also decided to use this in your bath as bubbles you could light the matching candle i mentioned earlier and lay there in a blissful smelling room whilst you relax. Perfect!
Have you used any products from the Next ‘cosmetics range? 
Tell me your faves 🙂
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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