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Liz Earle
Cleanse Tone & Moisturise

Hi again my beauts!
Ok so the beauty advice today is to count   1    2     3   with Liz Earle EVERY DAY  technically this should be twice a day but i’d like you to promise you will do it at least one either morning or night 😉 [your skin will love you]. I know we are all in a rush. Sometimes I can only have a quick morning cleanse then moisturise at some point in the day when i have two mins. Very naughty! 
Liz Earle is a king in the skincare industry. They were only founded in 1995 however in this short time they have completely flourished into one of the main skincare brands winning countless awards each year and providing skincare ‘that works’ which is suitable for all skin types. 
With makeup, mens, fragrance and haircare being added to their line they are fast becoming a one stop shop for all your cosmetic needs which you can trust. I am yet to try these other lines, but i can’t wait too.
Ok so lets get on it. 
Firstly I have the  100ml Cleanse & Polish – Hot cloth cleanser.  RRP £13.25
Secondly, 200ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  RRP £13.25
Thirdly, 50ml Skin Repair Moisturiser.  RRP £19.25
These are quite a highly priced purchase, but they are so worth it! People always say to me Hannah your skin is always so perfect (i don’t always think this haha) but i guess it is partly due to a good cleanse tone and moisturise routine. As well as healthy eating and water of course. 
I also don’t wear face makeup (foundation blush etc) monday to friday unless i’m going out for tea so this really helps your skin (try to be makeup free one day a week, to let it breathe you will really see a difference.) However if my skin was different i would probably also be hiding under foundation. 
My steps. 

1. The Cleanse – In this range a muslim cloth is recommended however i just wash my hands before i start and use my fingers. Firstly make sure you face in damp and hair is out of the way. You just need one pump on the cleanser this will be enough for your face and neck. I then rub it between my fingers to create a lather and rub it in my face making sure you get the sides of your nose and forehead (or any dryer/oilier areas you may have). Following on, I brush my teeth just so i can leave it on the skin for a short while to do it’s magic 😉
At this point i make sure the water is warm and gently wipe it away being carful around the eye areas. Your skin instantly feels so fresh after you’ve gently patted it dry with a soft towel.

2. The Tone – This is such a quick step which so many people skip me included. This was never in my routine until about a year ago when i started to learn more about our beautiful skin. When you cleanse you strip the face of all its natural oils and goodness which can change your skins pH levels. A toner helps to rebalance the skin straight away and bring it back to a normal level for you. If you don’t manage to do this the skin will naturally replace the oils etc on your face within a couple of hours so don’t panic too much if you really don’t have time. 
I personally love this Liz Earle toner it instantly soaks into the skin and doesn’t hang around so you can get on with your moisturiser straight away which gets a massive thumbs up from me. You can either put a little bit in the cup of your hand and use your fingers to pat on the face or you place a few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over, this is less messy and works really well. 

3. The Moisturise –  This is the final step in your basic skincare journey. I really enjoy this step especially after using toner. It just leaves my skin feel refreshed and soft and thoroughly moisturised. I love wearing creams on both the face on the body. The amazing thing about Liz Earle is that they cater for all skin types so you can actually buy the correct one for your skin type. Genius, i love that brands are starting to do this more now. 
At first i only bought the moisturiser for Liz Earle and being honest i wasn’t struck at first i felt it was a bit heavy for me and took a while to soak in but once it did i forgot about it as my skin felt super soft. However since starting with the cleanse and toner beforehand in this range i haven’t experienced this at all. They really do compliment in each other very well and once i have done the previous two steps i take a small amount of the moisturiser and dab it around my face before rubbing it in gently. At which point my skin is in the perfect state to apply this final stage and really prep my skin for whether i am leaving the house natural and makeup free (most days) or having the perfect base for to set my makeup on. 

Overall i just WOW at this little set whenever i think about it. I will definitely continue to repurchase this as i seem to get on with it really well. I’m looking forward to trying more Liz Earle, what next i wonder? As i said earlier this may be out of your price range however do not worry Boots No.7 range also have a face cleanser which is also surprisingly amazing for a lower priced brand. It is currently £9 HERE but as always with Boots they regularly have offers and No.7 vouchers so most of the time you can even get this up to half price. Making it such a bargain 🙂

On a final note, for all you bargain hunters out there of which i know there are many. The Liz Earle range both makeup, men’s and skincare is available at QVC for a fraction on the price they do really good offers, and sets which can save you at lot of money in the long run. They also sometimes do easy payments on certain products so that you can pay over a few payments making it accessible to everyone. 

Have you tried Liz Earle?
Are there any cleanse, tone and moisturise sets you can recommend? 

Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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