Brand Focus #1 Maybelline

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner  & 
Eyestudio Eyeshadow!

Hi beauts, 
Ok so this Brand Focus series will be foucusing on both highend and and highstreet brands within the cosmetics sector. It will cover brands that you will instantly recognise aswell as ones which may be less familiar to you. I will be selecting a few products from each brand that I think are the best of the best and definately worth a mention. 
Right then, lets get on with this Maybelline goodness. There are so many good things about this brand, the price, the availability, the vast range, and the reputation they have maintained for many years. You can pick Maybelline up in all of the drugstores such as Superdrug, Boots etc aswell as most of the big supermarkets who have health and beauty sections making this so accessible to almost everybody. GO MAYBELLINE 😉 

First off we have the gel eyeliner in shade 01 Intense Black. It is currently £7.99 but theres is always offers on at Superdrug and Boots, so you will be able to bag a bargain! This product is raved about by so many of the big beauty guru’s and I have to say I totally agree. It is so much easier to apply than pencil or liquid as it glides on effortlessly using the brush that comes within the kit. You can see from the picture that a smooth effortless line can be created in one careful swipe rather than going over and over it trying to get it perfect if you have a bit of a shakey hand or aren’t confident. 
The brush which comes within each kit is amazing just the perfect size so you can hold it perfectly when applying. The brushes are really compact which really helps get the perfect line without the worry of your brush spreading which often happens with liquid eyeliner. I now have several of these brushes and also love to use it to apply product when filling in my eyebrows. So when your finished remember not to throw it away ladies! 🙂
I have found that this is one of the best gel liners around for this price. It lasts for ages and doesn’t dry up after a few weeks. The consistency is smooth and about as jet black as you could wish for, it’s a bit of a winner all round really. The perfect little pot of goodness!
Lastly for this post, the Eyestudio Eyeshadow in shade 075 Charcoal Chic. (£4.09) I love this shade I went into Boots looking for a matte brown colour which I could use as a crease colour on a natural daytime eye look. I found this and have never looked back since. For me it’s the perfect shade not too light and not too dark meaning you can use it to blend a natural eye or equally for a base colour if you are doing a brown smokey eye. It works perfectly for both, I have also used this to fill in my eyebrows as it’s just a shade lighter than my natural brows. 
You can see from the swatch on my thumb which amazingly is just one swipe, that this is so pigmented. You get so much colour so don’t have to layer up too much making your eye feel heavy. BONUS!
All in all these are two of my current faves at the moment as far as Maybelline is concerned, I defiantely recommend both if you like dressing up your eyes! 
Have you tried gel eyeliners?
What is your fave product in the Maybelline line?
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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