Pro Beauty North | Manchester 2013

Pro Beauty North | Manchester 2013

Hey beauts, 

Ok so something a little different for you read today, you may have heard of the beauty trade shows that are held throughout the year for professionals in the industry to attend. I know that many of you have a keen passion for beauty however do not work in the profession meaning you can’t attend events such as these so as a treat today I thought I would share with you a little of what goes on inside. There will be a lot of pictures here and you may even spot a celebrity I met however I thought this would be the best way to show you all that goes on.  

So when I first walked in there was a huge stand by Nouveau Beauty Group, I was only 15 minutes after opening and there were already many ladies and gents having their eyelashes attended to. It is fascinating to watch and Nouveau girls really are eyelash specialists. Every year their stand is packed with people waiting to have eyelash extensions all day, what does this tell you hey? They are fab!

Ooh so I found my lovely Heaven Skincare at Pro Beauty, I love this luxury brand. Created by the lovely Deborah Mitchell a skincare specialist who has created the most nourishing range which is truely multifunctional, what more could your skin ask for. When I look for a brand which I come to trust and love I don’t just want to love the actual product which sits on my dresser. I want to love the ethos of the company and team behind it if possible. I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few members of Team Heaven aswell as the lovely Deborah all of whom have been welcoming friendly and so helpful to indroducing me to the brand aswell as allowing me to be a friend of theirs. If you ever get the chance to introduce yourself to these guys or try their products i’m sure won’t be disappointed. 

Something I look forward to everytime I go to a beauty event like this is the nail championships! This is an amazing opportunity for all the students and nail technicians alike to showcase their amazing skills through creative nail art. You aren’t actually allowed to get up close when they are doing it however the area is open and you can see the people close to you. Their ideas are brilliant and skills are amazing. The winners work is always out of this world, you should definitely take time to look at this area if you attend in the future.
An element of the exhibition which I also really enjoy are the tutorials and seminars whether these be on the live stages or at individual stands. These are pre scheduled so you can plan your day around your preferred choices. They are great to improve your knowledge, a chance for you to ask any questions and also to learn new things whether this be to find out about a new product or learn a new skill.

As new and fast upcoming brand Lauren’s Way Tan also had a huge buzz around their stand for the whole day. If you haven’t heard of this brand the creator Lauren is a previous star in the hit show The Only Way is Essex! Who has now taken the plunge into beauty (specifically tanning and hair) and has had huge success with her large following. These products are amazing, they are available online and often have offers if you are wanting to try them out for yourself whether you are an individual or salon.  As it quitened down towards the end of the day I managed to get near the stand and meet Lauren herself. Although I felt very tired plain and unglamouress stood beside her, she was so lovely to me took time to talk and have a picture. Thankyou to you and your lovely team!
By mid afternoon and with all the excitement I was starting to flag, I need a drink and something to eat. I had been several times to the catering area however it was always so busy with no where to sit and not wanting to loose anytime I decided not to wait for a space so later on just before I was leaving a decided to get some chocolate marshmallows to put me on till I got back to the train station. I have seen these guys everytime i’ve been over the last few years there is always a buzz with lots of excited people drooling over the chocolate fountains.
Here is a little peek especially for you to see a few of the things I bought from Pro Beauty North this time, look out for individual reviews soon there are some beauties in there!

So here is a final look at a few snaps which shows you a few more exhibitors and some products which caught my eye. I hope you have enjoyed this little (well long) snapshot of what goes on inside a beauty trade show. I will be attending the Pro Beauty show in London soon which is a much bigger event so I will update you and let you into all the gossip!

Speak soon! 

Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx

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