My Everyday Empties | April

My Everyday Empties | April

Hey beauts, 
It’s me again with something a little different for you today. It’s not unknown that we all have our own favourites when it comes to cosmetics, weather this be skincare, haircare, or makeup. If you are anything like me you will have drawers full of each which you pick up and put down as often as you brush your teeth. There is a constant stream of new products each month to entice us is. As always, some will suit us and some unfortunately are not too well suited to us personally however much we want them to be. 
So lets get back to basics; we all need those necessary items such as deodorant, shampoo and shower gel etc. They may not seem like the most exciting products in the world but we wouldn’t be without the now girls, would we? Here are a few basic products and brands which I always fall back on if I’m not trying something new and luxurious.

The face and body….
To start with the Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish from NSpa, this brand is ready available at Asda so is accessible to most people within the UK. I received this as a gift it was a set of  three a body cleanse, polish and moisturiser. I used the cleanse a while ago it was great so was looking forward to the skin polish aswell. I love the smell of Jojoba in skincare and the white jasmine just adds that extra floral touch with livens up in the heat of the shower. This polish did have exfoliating beads in but I found that they weren’t harsh at all so I carried on to use it as a normal shower gel daily without any problems. It was smoothing to the skin and gave no irritation at all which I find with quite a lot of other showergels. I would definitely consider purchasing from the NSpa range if I find myself in Asda.
In the cute pink bottle it’s L’oreals chance to shine with their perfect clean foaming cleanser. This is something I have purchased several times. It has a rubber exfoliating pad with a little handle in the back which secures to the bottle and is fully washable. With its little exfoliating bristles you can really get into the crooks of your nose and around the eyes. The cleanser itself is a smooth almost silky formula which thoroughly cleanses the face and when used with pad gives a gentle exfoliation. It caused no irritation and was gentle enough for me to use everyday even with the exfoliation element. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a drugstore priced facewash. L’oreal have several types in this range to suit all skin types. 
Lastly for the face is the smoothing face scrub from Superdrug! I hadn’t planned to get this, but forgetting my facewash on holiday this is what I picked up in duty free before my flight. It sounded great, paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved, however it did break me out a tiny bit which is very rare for me and this is the only thing I changed up. I have tried it a few times since and it did it again. It is such a same as its a perfect texture with a small amount of exfoliating beads which would be suitable for everyday. I do however like other bits in the range, so at a very good price point I would still recommend trying this, it’s just not for me.
For a long time I have been using Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner, I have tried so many shampoo’s but with having very fine hair find that the majority of them way my hair down. This one doesn’t seem to at all and leaves my hair feeling really shiny and healthy afterwards. I have used the above for a very long time, but have just recently started using the new Pantene for fine hair which is even better. I think this will soon become my favourite over. If you know of any drugstore brands that are good for fine hair please tell me so I can try them.
Finally for today we have the everyday body empties, everyone needs deodorant right? I only wear the ‘invisiable anti-white mark’ ranges two of my faves are the Dove and Soft & Gentle ones; Nivea is also a good one. They aren’t strongly fragranced and cause no irritation when sprayed. I would recommend either of these if you’re looking for a new one to try.
So lastly but my no means least is the Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop, these little pots of goodness are my favourite body butters. They are very thick in texture but are so moisturising I use them every night after my shower as they are bit too rich to apply on busy mornings. I get through so many of these, but they really do keep my skin moisturised and soft. They’re like an overnight pamper session you can still smell them on your skin in the morning. I have so many of their scents but the Mango is one of my favourites. 
What are your everyday staples?
Do you always stick to the same things, or mix it up a little?

Love and Smiles, 

Hannah xx

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