LUSH | Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

LUSH | Cupcake Fresh Face Mask*

From the girl who had only every wondered round lush feeling overwhelmed and scared at not knowing if the products had the dreaded ingredients in which I am allergic to. So only ever walking out with my trusty Bubblegum Lip Scrub to now feeling slightly in love with a product which hopefully will always be in my pamper routine. How things can change on a Sunday afternoon hey! 
I recently was invited by Fishergate to the Beauty Bar Event and Lush were one of the brands taking part. It was great to see a small selection of their favourites and have the girls on hand to find out what was there. I actually got the chance to make this mask myself find out about that soon. If you’re a regular reader you know I love skincare so I loved getting the chance to make it, I was far too excited to get home and try it out. 
That’s exactly what I did, I put it in the fridge as recommended then come teatime it was perfectly cooled and ready for my Sunday evening pamper when everyone is out. I definitely loved the chilled effect it was cooling on my skin and really helped me to feel relaxed. I used a little water on my fingers to help it smooth over my skin for a thin but generous layer ensuring I kept my eye area free. I left it on for around fifteen minutes; like a traditional mask you could feel it tightening towards the end but it wasn’t so much so that you couldn’t smile or talk. I then used warm water and a muslin cloth to make sure everything was removed. 
The first thing you notice is the scent, with sweet vanilla notes and a hint if chocolate this really is a treat, no nasty smells in site. This mask is a good one if you need something to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation as it contains mint and linseed oils which are the perfect treatment for these. 
With a fresh, totally bare and thoroughly treated face (bottom picture) I was feeling very pleased with the results. My skin felt soft and nourished like I had just had a day at the spa. The magic ingredients of the cocoa and Rhassoul mud really had done their job; clearing my pores and leaving it looking a lot more radiant and ready for the week ahead than when I sat down full of angst. 
I was worried incase my skin broke out or redness appeared like some deep cleanse masks are prone to do, however nothing of the sort occurred. My skin felt bright and clear for the next few days. On a little side note this Lush product is made fresh so it is advised that they are used within two weeks, just something to be aware of. I will definitely be purchasing this again. 
What is your favourite products from Lush? If you know of any good ones without lavender or orange please do let me know. 

Hannah x
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