2016 | Come aboard the #Take12Trips Challenge.

If you are a regular reader you may have seen I bundled into 2015 with the full intention for it to be the year of more travel. I was fortunate to take many trips however not in the way I had originally imagined. Looking back though, a trip doesn’t have to be a two week beach holiday in thirty degree heat, does it? 
A trip can be a ride up to the next coast to eat icecream and watch the sunset from a different promenade, a train ride to the city or a weekend stay in the woods somewhere. Aslong as you are having fun or experiencing something new it’s a trip. As with many, work is sometimes the main obstacle to not being away as much as we like, but it is something that we can definitely work around. That being said we all have weekends or days in week aswell as evenings. These precious times off are not to be wasted, many adventures can be had. 
With this is mind, we have decided to take advantage of the challenge and leave the sitting in your pj’s all weekend times behind us. I sat on my laptop last week to find all the best places for mini weekends away, I could do this for hours. I hit up all my fave travel bloggers and found Need Another Holiday and The Travel Hack had both taken on the #Take12Trips challenge.  Reading a little more into it, I decided this was perfect for me and us. 
It works on the basis that you plan and go on twelve trips throughout the year, whether they big or whether they be small averaging out an one per month. This can totally fit it with your own schedule of course. Remember your trips can be anything you have always wanted to do and with whoever, you don’t always needs to travel with the same person. More importantly your trips don’t have to cost a fortune, there are many trips you can enjoy for free just as much.

So this is me, committing to the  challenge, all have not been decided yet, but plans are in place. 
1.   Jan – Log Cabin Stay
2.   Feb  – Weekend in Brussels, Belgium 
3.   Mar  – A wedding/weekend in York. 
4.   Apr  – Cardiff, Wales – Traverse 16
5.   May – 
6.   Jun  – Spa Day/Weekend (destination tbc)
7.   July – London, Theatre Trip
8.   Aug –
9.   Sep – 
10. Oct  – A birthday trip somewhere? 
11. Nov – 
12. Dec – Annual New Year mini break (destination tbc)
Any suggestions on where else we should visit? 
So are you up for the #take12trips challenge? Do you want more well deserved adventures, this is a great way to get them. Time to start planning asap!