The Resolution Review | 2015.

I can’t quite believe that 2016 has struck, the last year was seriously the fastest of my life. I was stunned at the end of each month. 
I’m not generally a fan of all the typical ‘New Year New Me’ ‘Let’s Get Fit’  Let’s Stop Smoking’ resolutions, I try to keep some balance and be realistic about what a new year can bring. However after a tough year I did set some personal goals to aim towards in 2015 to give me something to focus on and feel better about the time to come; both personal and work wise. I thought I would take a quick look back and see how far I got.
1. Travelling – obvious yes I know but this was something I was keen to get back in my life, that didn’t quite happen in terms of big trips however, weekend trips to Paris and London coupled with a winter sun week in Lanzarote to start December off. We also ended the year in Log Cabins with the whole family which was a lovely surprise. So no major holidays, but looking back on my 2015 Highlights it’s amazing how exciting little adventures add up to a fulfilled year. New Zealand to visit one of my oldest best friends didn’t happen however the savings and plans are in place, so maybe 2016 could be the year if it fits in for us both.  
2. Looking after Myself and Special Few – I was really concious of the fact that I NEEDED to take time to rest and keeping myself healthy this year. For the most part this was fairly successful. I am becoming more comfortable to turn things down and stop when it’s needed. Saying no sometimes though is still really difficult but I don’t think I can ever change that fully. For our trip in December, where the wifi wasn’t the best I totally had a detox from everything, life, online distractions, work. Totally bliss and 100% worth taking a few days out. 2015, allowed me to spend a little more time with family and friends during weekends and evenings, it’s so important and really puts me in a good mood when I can spoil, listen and be the with people who mean the most. More of this please! 
3. Not letting the small things take over – yay for this, I tried my hardest to not let trivial things be a distraction. A problem is not a problem till it has happened. Sometimes it is hard but I am definitely learning not to worry about things or situations that may never happen until and if they do. This is a top tip, don’t let the weight on your shoulders sit there until it needs to be. 
4. Flair and Creativity – I shared that not only had I enrolled in further study to fulfil my floral design dreams alongside this blog but the exciting news to launch my business Millefiori & Modello. A floral design, gift ware and style business both online and to local customers. This definitely did happen, we are now live on all social media platforms with our new website/blog launching later this year. It really was a great start to the business with the pleasure of creating for several weddings and Christmas events throughout the year. With the new launch and expansion to gift ware (tags, cards and papers etc) and event signs it should be even more exciting in the next few months. A huge thankyou to everyone who has supported @milleanddello so far. 
It’s great looking back on what your previous intentions and goals were. To see where you were at that time in your life, how far you have come and what you like to achieve looking forward however big or small. I am really pleased to see that I have done and succeeded in more areas than I thought when I sat down to write this post. I did have many adventures and made progress where I wanted to….there are still things sitting up there which I think I will always be working towards, but here’s to more steps forward. 
Are you a fan of resolutions and little targets?