2016 | February Highlights


February’s highlights comes a little different to the usual, I haven’t travelled, been to any events or done anything particularly exciting to share with you. I haven’t been very well for the last few weeks so have focused on getting better and working on the whole, alongside preparation for two months of weekly uni deadlines which is now fast approaching. Exciting stuff I know!
It’s not all been doom and gloom though, instead of how these highlights normally go down I thought I would share my top five woohoo moments of the month aswell as the best picks from the blog.
1. I realised that in two months all of my crazy deadlines will be over and it can then get back to creative joy before summer! I love learning but sometimes it is so stressful. Having a final date to work towards is not only brilliant motivation but a smile creator for sure. Are you feeling the happy thoughts over here?
2. I got a placement in a brand new beautiful florist shop. Perfect to get me some  extra experience for where I want to move towards.
3. I did some behind the scenes flower work for Millefiori and Modello to go to in the room sets being photographed for Vantona Home’s new bedding range. Exciting exposure! If you dream big and work hard, exciting things will happen.
4. Our valentines trip never went through with so much going on (it’s now a summer one instead) but we got to spend the whole of Valentines weekend looking after four of our cheeky nieces and nephews. So lots of fun and loving was had. We did manage a sneaky meal out after bedtime too of course!  Thanks ‘Nanna’ for helping 🙂
5. Right at the end of the month, more work news was had! Yes I told you it was all work and no play ha. I was asked if I would like to take on a more creative role in terms of visual merchandising including the window designs and shop displays alongside my social media role. Scary but exciting and definitely a new creative challenge to look forward to for the next few months.
If you’ve not caught up on the blog this month, there has been a few little bits going on. We showed you the January and February editions of My Little Box which always get a great response. If you always lust after people’s subscription boxes but there are too many to choose from, MLB is a good place to start and it gives you a little bit of everything.
I also teamed up with Holland and Barrett this month in order to spread the news that down time and good sleep is possible, even when it seems you may never drift off. I will be taking part in the Sleeping Beauty Campaign and sharing with you all the best tips. However for now I introduced you to their Miaroma range, have you checked it out yet?