Twelve Little Blogger Problems

1.  The post man or should I say the disappearing post man….. the times where you wait all day and then nip to the bathroom and bam he’s been, you’ve missed him and all you have to show for the wait is the dreaded red ‘we missed you’ card.
2. Haul envy, constantly! It’s no secret bloggers LOVE to read other peoples blog…. and they’re always filled with lust worthy products or travel posts to instantly put on your bucket list. We have a never ending shopping list for sure.
3. The unspoken rule, that you can’t use anything until you have photographed it on your camera and your phone, always got to get that perfect photo.
4. Writing a beautiful post photo adding in your perfectly composed photos, pressing publish then realising your wifi has go off; all your hard work has disappeared in a second.
5. Forever having plug socket anxiety for all your devices, mainly your mobile phone….and the sheer joy when you connect your charger. Does anyone else panic when your phone goes under 40% charge.
6. The phone that never stops beeping, notifications from every social media platform going all times of the day and night. Will we ever sleep again?
7. The endless dazed confused faces when people ask you what you do.
8. Taking fifty photos of the same product from every angle possible, yes hanging of your window sill by your toes counts. Only to find out from all your snaps only one will do.
9. Talking about photos, being bit by the blogger bug leads to feeling the need to photograph everything just in case it makes the Instagram grade. No one can miss the opportunity of a dreamy white background, right?
10. Feeling guilty because you missed your ‘post day’ and sometimes loose site that its’ just a blog and need to enjoy it more like you used to back in the day.
11. Emails! Yes those pesky ones that begin with we love your blog and writing style would you like to try and review our weightlifting range, when you have a fluffy girly lifestyle blog.
12. When the lovely dull English weather decides to make an appearance on your only photography day!