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Yes this is a late one, way back from when February was around. Where the time went since then, I honestly don’t know.  My Little Box sent another little delight all the way from Paris. There My Little Home Box, after the craziness of festivities was the perfect chance to unwind and think about all the new beginnings of Spring.

Our homes definitely change between the seasons, spring is the perfect time to add in some flowers, get your soft floral candles out and get those curtains wide open to let the sunshine beam through. Accessories are always a simple and affordable way to swap things up so the two lifestyle goodies this time are perfect. First up a cute powder blue picture frame, to pop your favourite photo in or enjoy the little print it comes with. Aswell as this was a cushion cover, now who doesn’t love a cushion? I know the majority will and don’t worry if it doesn’t match your theme the mix and match trend is definitely still around. There are several styles you can get, I got the geometric triangles and can’t wait to try this out on our bed with our other four cushions….*cue boyfriend rolling eyes*.

Moving onto the beauty bits, there are three items and brands I haven’t used before so that is always exciting. First up an Early Morning Perfecting Cream from My little beauty. A moisturiser with illuminating properties to waken the dullness of our winter skin. This is quite a lightweight moisturiser and doesn’t sit heavy on the skin, I have been really enjoying it so far. Next is a body cream from high end brand Mitchell and Peach in the scent English Leaf. Is it not quite floral and not quite herby but somewhere in between. It reminds me of a really fresh summer garden scent, I will let you know how it feels once on the skin. Last up was a Mask & Peel from NoxiDoxi, a duo product acting as a facial scrub and mask in one to refresh and brighten the skin. If I am honest I am not much of a face mask girl, but this only to the fact that there are so many out there all claiming to do different things. I never know which to choose so I am looking forward to giving this a try and maybe finding my face mask bestie.

What products or homey things are you looking forward to changing up this spring?