Instagram Log: June

Instagram Log June locked in a blog

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June, a total whirlwind as they say. Family birthdays, deadlines, days out and holiday memories it may have been crazy but there was lots of fun things packed in along the way. With deadlines all coming to an end June was the time to breathe a little sigh of relief and dream about a good nights sleep once my mind remembered how to stop a little.

June means it’s almost summer, right? Well in the UK anyway. We have had a super hot few weeks here all ready which has been a lovely change. I hope it stays for the rest of summer now, please Mr weather man! There are always lots of celebrations in our family at this time of year, so it was lovely to be able to have the time to catch up with some of them and close friends. July has now arrived and I am definitely looking forward to enjoying the next two months, no studying, lots of sleep and as many adventures as we can squeeze in. Half Way through the year, beauts we did it!

I love looking back over the months photos on Instagram to remember and smile about what we’ve been up to. Please share your Insta accounts here if you want to so we can see what you’ve been up to aswell.


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