An Introduction to AromaWorks Skincare



Walking round the Professional Beauty show in Manchester I was drawn to the AromaWorks stand by the simplicity of the products and ‘aroma’ that was floating around as you walked by. I was welcomed onto the stand to explore their collection and have a hand and arm massage by one of the girls. This was a very welcome offer towards the end of the afternoon. Laid on a crisp white bed I instantly felt relaxed, the various oils used during the massage were so soft to the skin and warmed as it went along.  As a migraine sufferer I sometimes struggle with highly fragranced products however I was given a choice of my preferred oils and although they were full of scent it wasn’t overpowering at all.

After a blissful fifteen minutes, I explored their stand a little more to find everything from regular skincare and bathbombs to candles and diffusers. All in their signature scents and cocooned in simple yet beautiful packaging.

I was kindly given a few little samples to take away and try at home, again they were lovely to use. The face wash had quite a strong scent however it applied nicely and didn’t feel as though it stripped the skin to harshly. I also has a sample of their hand wash, obviously due to the size I was only able to try this once so can’t really gauge an opinion, but it was nice to use and the fragrance lingered for a while afterwards. Finally and my favourite was the Purity Face Toner, again a slight scent however it felt light when applied and soaked into the skin like a dream. It didn’t feel heavy and I only needed a couple of drops to cover the whole face. I would happily use the toner in my nighttime skin routine, and would definitely recommend this out of all the products I tried.

It is nice to find another skincare brand that has those little extras in their range to ensure you can have a truly relaxing pamper session when needed aswell being perfect for your regular daily routine. Have you heard of AromaWorks before?