Heaven Skincare SOS Kit | Blogtober #2



For many of us the change of seasons can be a time when our skin starts to suffer. Swift changes in temperature and humidity can confuse our skin, as well as our hair and ability to dress accordingly each morning. Autumn is definitely a time where it is different every single day, some days we have the most beautiful sunshine and the next it can rain so hard and almost be in single figures i.e. far to cold.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently and it is definitely not a one size fits all when we come to caring for our beautiful skin. However if you begin to recognise the signs that your skin isn’t feeling its best or you are noticing signs of redness or dryness; whatever it may be, there is a solution out there. If you get to know your own skin you will be able to think about changing what you are currently doing to fix the problem as soon as possible.

You maybe not always have a suitable product at home, so having something like the SOS Kit from Heaven Skincare which has some emergency essentials inside could be your saviour till you can get to the shop and top up your stash. Little kits like this are a perfect little pep for your skin and are great to snaffle out of your beauty stash just when you need them.

This particular one contains:

Hydro Cleansing Milk,   Age Defiance Cream,   Bee Polish

Silver Bee Venom Mask  and the Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel

Whether you need a deep cleanse, an intense moisturiser or a purifying face mask you will be covered with the SOS Kit. I would definitely recommend this and similar kits to have on hand for the times when you really need them. They are also perfect if you have a last minute invite or a weekend away, slip them in your bag quickly and you are good to go.

What are you skincare saviours? We would love to share your favourite product with us all.