The one with the Instagram notes | February

Beautiful Messes | Making A Dress | Thought of the Day

So it looks like February was the month on flatlays. Sorry there wasn’t much more going on around here or the blog i’m in full planning mode now for uni finals, we have two month of intensity to go and then I will be done and graduating by summer…..(until I’m silly enough to sign up for something else haha).

I don’t like to let things slide around here, but sometimes something has to give. As you can see from the pics, when I do set aside an hour or so to de-stress from course work I have been turning back to more creative activities. I am not really one for just being able to sit and watch telly doing nothing else or lounging around in a long bath without twitching too much. As much as I get told to ‘stop’ for five minutes. I would rather be spending my time doing something, anything; and crafts isn’t stressful, right? I have made a real effort to get back on my sewing machine and keep creating little bits. Sewing totally sucks me in, you have to fully focus and I think that is why I feel it is an escape for me, before you know it an hour or more has passed, you’ve cleared your head and you have something cutesy at the end. In the last few weeks, i’ve made a bag, some earphone purses and a newborn dress for a little princess who is on the way any day now.

At the start of the year I also treated myself to a subscription of Mollie makes, i’ve had the first three now and they are great, if you are a crafter or just a lover of colour, design. They are filled with inspiration from all kinds of designers. It is great to also have a physical magazine and not just a peruse of an Ipad. When I’ve been sat watching telly, i’ve actually been reading one of these. Haha!

So February is done, here’s to an equally stressful but hopefully better planned out March.

What  did you get up to this month?