The one with the Instagram notes | July

Calligraphy Lessons | Icecream & Puppy Walks | Lunches Out

Summer Walks | More Icecream | Flower Power at Work

Where have I been?

Things have been so quiet around here lately, the last few months have been crazy busy and the blog has definitely taken a back seat. If you follow on social media hopefully you will know that we are still around ( a bit ) and haven’t fallen off the planet haha!

To cut a long story very short, uni finals crept up on me so quickly and unfortunately so did a spell of bad health…on a more positive note towards the beginning of July I finished off everything for uni and graduated at the end of the month. There is no better feeling than finalising all the little bits and waving bye bye to your last assignment and the classroom! This is my second time round at uni so it felt extra special to be graduating again in something I was really passionate about, more on that soon!

With a little more freedom, free evenings everyday aswell as weekends, I was able to enjoy the month aside from work and get back to myself a little. Everyday i’m getting a little better and so thankful for that!  As you can see from above, lots of ice-cream was enjoyed haha aswell as trips out for lunch and pretty walks, some of my favourite things!


I also had the time to enjoy a few hobbies old and new, I particularly enjoyed getting back to writing. Crazy I know right after all those assignments, but lettering of the creative type is so much more enjoyable. It was so fun trying out modern calligraphy but this time with a dip pen it brought back lots of childhood memories….definitely something I want to carry on.

Finally my whole month was filled with flowers, so many flowers! If your reading this and don’t already know I retrained in Floral Design, so now all the theory is out  of the way I can concentrate fully on the flowers and that I did. We have so many exciting workshops coming up soon with my company Millefiori and Modello so it has been lots of prep and flower power for the last few weeks, just how we like it!

Our grandma’s ginormous blooms she grew from a cutting just made my month though, I hope to be as good in the garden as she is one day!


So August is just around the corner, absolutely crazy….can’t wait to see what adventures will unfold for the rest of summer! If you’re reading this, have a lovely summer.