Hello | Big changes and a huge update.

Flossie Lane Blog big changes

Hello hello hello,

If you are new around here a big hello, if you’ve been around here a little while a huge hello too. I hope you are all ok?

I’ve been absent / writing this post for about a year for many reasons. The beady eyed amongst you may have spotted a few changes some months ago, the main being our new name.

F L O S S I E . L A N E

I will explain the name change at some point, but it has personal meaning and is more relevant to where the blog will now be focused. Talking of that, long gone are the days of just beauty reviews and such….don’t get me wrong I still love reading these myself but I didn’t believe it was where my passion for writing and sharing with you laid anymore.

I want to give something more meaningful back to you and make this a positive little space on the internet for us all…think

  • Motivational posts
  • Downloadable quotes
  • DIY makes to create in your ‘you time’
  • Guest posts with some other beautiful creators.
  • Recipes
  • Travel inspiration and
  • Sharing some amazingly talented independant creators and small businesses who deserve all the exposure and more.


I am so excited to get on and start building this little blog up again, thankyou for your patience and sticking around; and again a huge hello to anybody new.

Wahhh I forgot just how much I love to write, here’s to new beginnings!


See you all around here soon.

ps. if you have some favourite small brands please share them below and we’ll be sure to give them a visit.


Happy Monday all,

Hannah x