The one with the Instagram notes | February

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So it looks like February was the month on flatlays. Sorry there wasn’t much more going on around here or the blog i’m in full planning mode now for uni finals, we have two month of intensity to go and then I will be done and graduating by summer…..(until I’m silly enough to sign up for something else haha).

I don’t like to let things slide around here, but sometimes something has to give. As you can see from the pics, when I do set aside an hour or so to de-stress from course work I have been turning back to more creative activities. I am not really one for just being able to sit and watch telly doing nothing else or lounging around in a long bath without twitching too much. As much as I get told to ‘stop’ for five minutes. I would rather be spending my time doing something, anything; and crafts isn’t stressful, right? I have made a real effort to get back on my sewing machine and keep creating little bits. Sewing totally sucks me in, you have to fully focus and I think that is why I feel it is an escape for me, before you know it an hour or more has passed, you’ve cleared your head and you have something cutesy at the end. In the last few weeks, i’ve made a bag, some earphone purses and a newborn dress for a little princess who is on the way any day now.

At the start of the year I also treated myself to a subscription of Mollie makes, i’ve had the first three now and they are great, if you are a crafter or just a lover of colour, design. They are filled with inspiration from all kinds of designers. It is great to also have a physical magazine and not just a peruse of an Ipad. When I’ve been sat watching telly, i’ve actually been reading one of these. Haha!

So February is done, here’s to an equally stressful but hopefully better planned out March.

What  did you get up to this month?


The one with the Instagram notes | January

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As I sit here writing this at the end of January I cannot quite believe that we have finished off the first month of 2017 already. It has flown by, quite scarily.

January for me was a month of catch ups, new starts, and setting things in place ready for the upcoming months. I am now in full swing of my last few months of uni before graduation, I have a couple of workshops to run, reports to write and a research task to tackle and then I will be free to flourish and make some huge changes i’ve been waiting almost a year for. Some have already begun, I’m so excited to see where we will be at the end of this year; determined to make it a good one in so many ways.

So how was your January, do you have an exciting plans for the year or month ahead?


Instagram Log: December 2016

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December has felt like a super quick month, we’ve been very busy and it’s just passed by in the blink of an eye! It was a creative kind of month in lots of ways, I helped with the festive window dressing at work. I ran my a Christmas Wreath workshop for my own business Millefiori and Modello, which went really well and has spurred us on for lots of exciting things in 2017. Outside of ‘work’ I got the chance to get back on my sewing machine and enjoyed making our very advent calendar trees with the help of Lucy at The Vintage Sewing Bunny aswell as other festive bits! Call me a geek but I absolutely love sewing and the land that it whisks me away to.  Towards the end of the month as work was finished, I got the time to go back home to Yorkshire and visit some of my family in York. Seeing the sights is always fun in a city as beautiful as York but meeting my brand new baby cousin topped it all. It was a perfect way to finish off the year.

It has been a years of up and downs, but overall I have so much to be thankful for. Here’s to 2017 and all that it may bring. What are you looking forward to in the new year?


Instagram Log: October | Blogtober #31

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Oh October, my love forever! It’s birthday month for me so feels exciting all the way through right to the big day at the end of the month. However inching past mid twenties, yeah I’m not to sure about that part. It seems to have whizzed by, heading back to uni, getting back into work, taking up a new hobby and having a sneaky trip to Barcelona all before my birthday.

This is just a snippet of my month, what did you get up to?


Beauty Handbag Essentials for Autumn | Blogtober #7


As the cooler weather starts to creep in and the crunchy Autumn leaves appear. It is time for lots of changes to suit the incoming season. You may immediately think of digging out your favourite scarves and bobbles hats and making all those chocolately drinks to make sure you stay cosy. However you may notice that you might have to switch up your handbag and its contents too, in order to swish through the change of season. Here are five essentials I always have in my bag in Autumn.

A lipbalm – I use a balm all year round but even more so as the days get colder. I have been enjoying the Burt Bees with peppermint. These lipbalms never fail, so moisturising and all natural. It hard to find a good one that does the job well, but I would definitely give these a try if you haven’t already.

A lippy – It is always nice to have a bit of colour for your lips in your handbag for those unexpected drinks after work or to perk yourself up during the day. I tend to prefer something lighter on my lips. So these Benebalms from Benefit which are more sheer than a regular lipstick are perfect to add a bit of colour, yet still be moisturising.

Anti-Bacterial Handwash – This is an essential for me everyday but as it starts to get chillier and people start to get colds it is such a handy thing to keep one your bag. You will be so grateful of this little bottle during those public door handle moments and it will save you till you can get to a bathroom and wash your hands properly.

A Hand Cream – Keep those hands soft and moisturised with a rich hand cream. If you have been using an anti-bac hand wash, they have a tendency to dry your hands in places sometimes if using them quite often. So having a cream to add some moisture back into the skin is a easy way to keep them in tip top condition. The hand bag friendly tubes from The Body Shop are brilliant and come in a whole range of scents. I have been trying out the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, it is a slightly more herbal fragrance than I would normally choose, however it is so nice to apply and feels light on the skin with no slippery residue.

Hair Brush – With wind and rainy drizzles getting more frequent, it is a good idea to pop a comb or hair brush in your bag, to tame your hair when you need it most. With long but fine hair mine gets knotty quite fast, so I always have one with me. The Ikoo Metallic Brush is in my stash at the moment, it is great for de-tangling without snagging or damaging the hair.

Mirror – this one need no explanation, such a handy little piece to save you in bad hair or makeup moments. You’re best friend will also thank you so much, when she has forgotten hers.


What essentials are in your handbag / manbag at the moment?