Heaven Skincare SOS Kit | Blogtober #2



For many of us the change of seasons can be a time when our skin starts to suffer. Swift changes in temperature and humidity can confuse our skin, as well as our hair and ability to dress accordingly each morning. Autumn is definitely a time where it is different every single day, some days we have the most beautiful sunshine and the next it can rain so hard and almost be in single figures i.e. far to cold.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently and it is definitely not a one size fits all when we come to caring for our beautiful skin. However if you begin to recognise the signs that your skin isn’t feeling its best or you are noticing signs of redness or dryness; whatever it may be, there is a solution out there. If you get to know your own skin you will be able to think about changing what you are currently doing to fix the problem as soon as possible.

You maybe not always have a suitable product at home, so having something like the SOS Kit from Heaven Skincare which has some emergency essentials inside could be your saviour till you can get to the shop and top up your stash. Little kits like this are a perfect little pep for your skin and are great to snaffle out of your beauty stash just when you need them.

This particular one contains:

Hydro Cleansing Milk,   Age Defiance Cream,   Bee Polish

Silver Bee Venom Mask  and the Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel

Whether you need a deep cleanse, an intense moisturiser or a purifying face mask you will be covered with the SOS Kit. I would definitely recommend this and similar kits to have on hand for the times when you really need them. They are also perfect if you have a last minute invite or a weekend away, slip them in your bag quickly and you are good to go.

What are you skincare saviours? We would love to share your favourite product with us all.


Welcome to Autumn and Blogtober #1


It’s no secret that summer is my favourite season of all but I do still enjoy the first few weeks of Autumn before it begins to get really cold. When the crunchy orange leaves start to fall and mugs of hot chocolate with all the trimmings start to appear we can all get that warm fuzzy feeling. Autumn also brings my birthday, so technically it should be my fave. So far this year we’ve had a toasty hot September so it’s definitely not begun yet but I have a feeling the chills are just around the corner.

I am not quite sure what this Autumn will bring for us, but hopefully lots of cosiness and adventures. In a bid to set myself a challenge and keep busy through a bit of a tough moment I have decided to take part in the Blogtober series and blog everyday in October. I have never posted every day before so I am looking forward to achieving this and putting out lots of content that we can all enjoy too. Memory making and more. I better go and get started, see you tomorrow!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?


Instagram Log: September


Delicious Desserts | Proud Family Moments  |Trying out Skincare

I know we always say this but September literally flew by and i’m not quite sure where to. The busy bustle of back to school and work after summer was crazy. However we’ve still had a lovely month, our grandma reached the beautiful age of 80 and we had two brand new babies arrive to make our family even sweeter. It was also amazing to see my brother flying a small plane, so proud can’t wait to go up with him one day. You can’t get a much better month than that, for me anyway.
How was your September, did you get up yo anything lovely?

How to survive freshers | University Week


Fresher week (or month depending on how long you drag it out ha) is just around the corner. If you’re getting ready for uni in the next couple of weeks i’m sure you either be excited or absolutely petrified of the unknown and leaving the familiarity of own.

It is scary but will also be some of the best times of your life. You’re about to get all grown up, eat toast and more toast, party hard, cry lots and make loads of new super cool friends.

When you think of freshers, you probably imagine party after party, shots, fancy dress, face paint, no sleep and empty purses at the end of the week. Your quite right, it’s a time to be enjoyed but its hard going too.

Here’s a quick SOS guide to get you through freshers, so you can enjoy parties, meet a ton of new faces and still be well enough to get up for your first introduction lecture on Monday morning.

Prepare everything you need and take the time to see the important people in your life before leaving home. To make sure you don’t have any last minutes frenzies over things you have forgotten, make a list and prepare beforehand all the things you’re going to need, from the essentials to your home comforts. You will need them all and you don’t want to be short of something when you’re all partied out. If you are staying in halls be sure to check what you’re allowed and not allowed to take. There are quite a few rules and it’s easier to know beforehand to avoid getting disappointed when you have to give it up.

Make sure you spend time with the important people in your life. After freshers you will be straight into lectures and may not get back home till half term or maybe Christmas. Try and make plans to do something for when you’re heading home this will perk you up if you start to get home sick and will help you remember that even though you maybe not have heard from your bestie in a while as they went to a different uni and are having as much fun as you; that they haven’t forgotten about you and you will be re united asap. Remember it’s very likely that everyone is missing you too.

Know your budget, a mood killer I know, but trust me the last situation you want to find yourself in is a penniless one because you partied hard and indulged in takeaways every night for two weeks. It’s kinda tricky get to grips with the whole money thing but if you know what you’ve got coming and then tally up your halls fees, food, and travel etc for each month you will know exactly what you have left to go and have fun with or spend however you please. You will soon be acquainted with all the best spots to get student deals.

Talking of deals, before saying your final goodbye… make sure you have set up a student account with your bank. This is probably one of the most important things to do after you have received your offer. A student account maybe your saviour when you need an extra tenner (overdraft) for a meal before payday or you need an emergency train ride home. Most banks have some incentives to for students so make sure you shop around online and see which is the best for you.

Do a little rekky once you arrive, make sure you know when the nearest walk-in centre is in case you need to go to the doctor or dentist. Find a local taxi number and save it to you phone. Keep a look out for the closest cash machine normally there are a few on campus. Finally found out where the corner shop is, for all those things you need straightaway whether it be painkillers, toilet roll or a loaf of bread.

Learn a few basics in the kitchen. We are a world of halves. We either like cooking or we really don’t but either way we all need to eat. If you’re not that confident, it is a great idea to at least learn a few basics, to ensure you can always whip up something quick at the end of the day. Learn how long to bake a potato for, whip up a simple pasta and sauce dish, a salad, or how to fry a quick stir fry. They really are all whack it in a pan dishes and ones you can master after a few goes. You will be thankful you don’t have to have cereal for dinner every night.

Finally remember freshers is just a week or two of you life. It might seen like the most exciting thing right now, but once you start making cool friends at uni there will be so many other ‘memory’ moments of you uni life. Pace yourself, have a blast, grab a hug when you need one and enjoy your time at uni…

Happy Freshers everyone!


An Introduction to AromaWorks Skincare



Walking round the Professional Beauty show in Manchester I was drawn to the AromaWorks stand by the simplicity of the products and ‘aroma’ that was floating around as you walked by. I was welcomed onto the stand to explore their collection and have a hand and arm massage by one of the girls. This was a very welcome offer towards the end of the afternoon. Laid on a crisp white bed I instantly felt relaxed, the various oils used during the massage were so soft to the skin and warmed as it went along.  As a migraine sufferer I sometimes struggle with highly fragranced products however I was given a choice of my preferred oils and although they were full of scent it wasn’t overpowering at all.

After a blissful fifteen minutes, I explored their stand a little more to find everything from regular skincare and bathbombs to candles and diffusers. All in their signature scents and cocooned in simple yet beautiful packaging.

I was kindly given a few little samples to take away and try at home, again they were lovely to use. The face wash had quite a strong scent however it applied nicely and didn’t feel as though it stripped the skin to harshly. I also has a sample of their hand wash, obviously due to the size I was only able to try this once so can’t really gauge an opinion, but it was nice to use and the fragrance lingered for a while afterwards. Finally and my favourite was the Purity Face Toner, again a slight scent however it felt light when applied and soaked into the skin like a dream. It didn’t feel heavy and I only needed a couple of drops to cover the whole face. I would happily use the toner in my nighttime skin routine, and would definitely recommend this out of all the products I tried.

It is nice to find another skincare brand that has those little extras in their range to ensure you can have a truly relaxing pamper session when needed aswell being perfect for your regular daily routine. Have you heard of AromaWorks before?