Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, 2013!


Hello Beauts, 
So last Thursday on the 10th I was invited by Hervia to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO) which was hosted by the amazing city of Manchester this year! There were so many events put on by lots of companies and stores within the city centre. Some of which we never made it to. 
For me this was meant to be date night but as my boyfriend is quite a fashion follower and likes events I decided to take him along for the ride, which turned out to be a great night! All be it a very long one. 
So we arrived and went straight to Selfridges, where we were sucked in for the majority of the night. It was very busy and full of great atmosphere. There were long lines of people waiting everywhere for things that were on offer (freebies) and activities to do. However as people were being very British and queuing in perfect lines you were still able to get around the stores easily, if you just wanted to mooch around. All the floors were open and offering something exciting to stick around for. There were freebies galore, cocktails, slushes, foodie treats such as popcorn and crepes to name a few. Definitely something to keep everyone happy whilst you were also welcome to purchase and browse the regular stock throughout all of the departments. I took this opportunity to stock up on my MAC makeup whilst I was there. Bonus!

What I Wore:
Blue Jeggings: Reiss
Boots: Pavers
Cropped Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Tempest Necklace: Stella & Dot
Scarf: Stella & Dot
Cobalt Blue Bag: River Island

Coming straight from work I was so hungry so the candy floss man seemed very inviting. We decided to queue, which turned out to be 20 minutes, we weren’t sure why but we did know that it was delicious when we got ours and the man on the cart was so lovely all dressed up in his little traditional outfit. 

(So excited to finally get my candyfloss…)
There was several DJ’s playing throughout the night which were all really good. They set the whole scene for the night. A few celebrities were also spotted wondering around from Coronation Street Actors to Made In Chelsea stars. As well as these I saw  quite a few ‘Youtube’ celebrities which I recognised. Towards the end of the night I saw Victoria from ‘In The Frow‘ please check her blog for bang up to date fashion and beauty babble…she is one of my faves to keep in touch with. Even though we were both flagging on our feet by this time she was still as lovely as ever. We went over to talk, to which Victoria didn’t mind at all spending time with us and having photo’s etc. A true beauty inside and out.

As a blogger there were so many photo opportunities within Selfridges. One of the official photo points was a giant iconic yellow shopping bag. Pose central, everyone was getting in for a bit of action, with an official photographer so the photographs came out great. Definitely one for the ‘fun times’ album. 
So fashion, it’s what Vogue is all about right? There was fashion all around wherever you looked from the guests to the staff as well as all the ‘Vogue recommends…’ that were displayed covering all of the current and upcoming trends! Many of which could be purchased on the night. 
Some of the treatments on offer included manicures at Chanel, makeovers and consultations at several brands, fake tans with Fake Bake. Yes, people were stripping off to catch a bronze in front of the crowds; however they were coming out looking fabulous!

Of course there was a merchandise branded van outside, who had a DJ hidden inside, I didn’t catch his name but we thought he was really good the best of the night. Haha, this pic chatting him up to find out about the night but i guess that’s alright when your boyfriends taking the pictures, right? Ha!

There were so many events on that we didn’t even managed to get around. The boohoo.com bus and the lush event etc. However on walking back to the train station through the Arndale there was a New Look Fashion catwalk taking place as well as more photo opportunities. The chance to get on the front of your own magazine cover and pose with a giant pair of red heels. Everyone loves a gimmick and these were definitely being enjoyed by both the boys and girls, with big queues still at half past nine. Winner!
Even though we didn’t get to everything, what we did do was fabulous, definitely worth the trip! We met lots of people, got lots of work done blogging wise and had a great night together! Can’t wait for next year, it was so good to have such a good event in the North of England. We hope you come back soon!

Love and Smiles,
Hannah xx

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Brand Focus #2 Revlon

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss & Super Lustrous Lipstick

Hi my beauts, 
Ok so today is another brand focus post where I foucus on both highend and and highstreet brands within the cosmetics sector. It will cover brands that you will instantly recognise aswell as ones which may be less familiar to you. I will be selecting a few products from each brand that I think are the best of the best and definately worth a mention. 
I went into Boots on Sunday and picked these up, the things that stood out for me were both lip products and are the perfect match so great to give you the option of using them together or seperately as you wish. As always a bargain was to be has when it was a buy one get one half price offer, making them super affordable. I couldn’t say no to that, could you? 
Firstly the lipgloss is in shade 042 Bellini, and is a beautiful light peachy colour. Theres is no shimmer to the gloss (yay) but it does have a beautiful sheen. When worn on its own it has an almost nudish colour which is absolutely perfect for a daytime look. A perfect have a quick lipgloss swipe and run out of the door type of thing. 
The lipstick is shade 001 Nude Attitude, again it is a light nude and almost skin coloured shade. It is a very matte lipstick so please bear this in mind if you like a bit of shimmer. This is the perfect colour to accompany all of these dark autumn smokey eye looks which are so on trend at the moment. It is a creamy texture but quite thin so a few layers are definately recommended for full coverage.

Like I said before these are the perfect match together you can see from the image above the swatch of the two seperately ( I did say the lippy was skin colour do a scwint and you will be able to see it next to my thumb, haha.) Followed by the swatch going across just above my wrist this is the two layered together, creating a gorgeous nude sheeny look for those lucious lips of yours!
Do you love Revlon?
Is there a certain lip look you are loving at the moment? Please let me know. 
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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Brand Focus #1 Maybelline

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner  & 
Eyestudio Eyeshadow!

Hi beauts, 
Ok so this Brand Focus series will be foucusing on both highend and and highstreet brands within the cosmetics sector. It will cover brands that you will instantly recognise aswell as ones which may be less familiar to you. I will be selecting a few products from each brand that I think are the best of the best and definately worth a mention. 
Right then, lets get on with this Maybelline goodness. There are so many good things about this brand, the price, the availability, the vast range, and the reputation they have maintained for many years. You can pick Maybelline up in all of the drugstores such as Superdrug, Boots etc aswell as most of the big supermarkets who have health and beauty sections making this so accessible to almost everybody. GO MAYBELLINE 😉 

First off we have the gel eyeliner in shade 01 Intense Black. It is currently £7.99 but theres is always offers on at Superdrug and Boots, so you will be able to bag a bargain! This product is raved about by so many of the big beauty guru’s and I have to say I totally agree. It is so much easier to apply than pencil or liquid as it glides on effortlessly using the brush that comes within the kit. You can see from the picture that a smooth effortless line can be created in one careful swipe rather than going over and over it trying to get it perfect if you have a bit of a shakey hand or aren’t confident. 
The brush which comes within each kit is amazing just the perfect size so you can hold it perfectly when applying. The brushes are really compact which really helps get the perfect line without the worry of your brush spreading which often happens with liquid eyeliner. I now have several of these brushes and also love to use it to apply product when filling in my eyebrows. So when your finished remember not to throw it away ladies! 🙂
I have found that this is one of the best gel liners around for this price. It lasts for ages and doesn’t dry up after a few weeks. The consistency is smooth and about as jet black as you could wish for, it’s a bit of a winner all round really. The perfect little pot of goodness!
Lastly for this post, the Eyestudio Eyeshadow in shade 075 Charcoal Chic. (£4.09) I love this shade I went into Boots looking for a matte brown colour which I could use as a crease colour on a natural daytime eye look. I found this and have never looked back since. For me it’s the perfect shade not too light and not too dark meaning you can use it to blend a natural eye or equally for a base colour if you are doing a brown smokey eye. It works perfectly for both, I have also used this to fill in my eyebrows as it’s just a shade lighter than my natural brows. 
You can see from the swatch on my thumb which amazingly is just one swipe, that this is so pigmented. You get so much colour so don’t have to layer up too much making your eye feel heavy. BONUS!
All in all these are two of my current faves at the moment as far as Maybelline is concerned, I defiantely recommend both if you like dressing up your eyes! 
Have you tried gel eyeliners?
What is your fave product in the Maybelline line?
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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35 Random Questions Tag!

Hello my beauts 🙂
Ok, so i know this post is a little different from the ones i normally post on here but it looks fun 
and i have such a busy week on so i though this would be a quick little post for you to get to 
know a little bit more about me till the next proper post! This tage came from  Lucy Loves…. go 
check her blog out please x
1.Do you have a middle name? 
Nope, this really bugged me when i was little i always wondered why i never got one however
it seems to be a thing in my family where we don’t have a middle name. Although  i much 
prefer it now, it’s much quicker when filling in forms etc and things online 🙂
2. What was your favourite subject in school? 
Hmmm, in my old school i loved cookery class, we did practical every two weeks which 
was so much fun. Then when i changed highschool i would probably say graphic design and 
P.E. but ONLY when it was swimming or babminton haha.

3. What’s your favourite drink? 
Well, soft drink wise i would say still vimto or water this is all i drink. (i’m not a hot drink 
kinda girl apart from the odd hot chocolate twice a year when i’m cold). Naughty boozy drink 
wise i would say i’m partial to baileys or strawberry daquiri cocktail.
4. Favourite song at the moment?
I love so much music, but am liking the jessie ware album at the moment. 
 5. What would you name your children? 
This would be telling haha, but i have names lined up for both a boy and a giril just incase, 
there personal and take after preciuos family member. Just incase your wondering they will 
have MIDDLE NAMES haha. 
 6. Do you participate in any sports? 
I like swimming this is all i can do at the moment apart from lots of walking 😀 
 7. Favourite Book? 
Bloomin’ Ek i don’t have a fave, but i do like design books buildings, creative textiles and 
interiors etc.
8. Favourite Colour? 
White, technically not a colour i know but still it’s so fresh looking. Apart from that peach or 
mint green.
 9. Favourite Animal?
 A dolphin, always has been really especially since swimming with them. Or cheeky orangutans 

*woo look at me me haha most amazing feeling 
being pushed along by the dolphins in the dominican!*
 10. Favourite perfume? 
Splurge: Valentina by Valentino and Save: Zara Black (such a bargain and gorgeous, go and 
try it)
 11. Favourite holiday? 
Trips to wales with my familly were my favourite holiday out of everything when i was little. In 
the last few years with my Bf i would say Barcelona such an amazing city.
 12. Have you graduated High School? 
Yes, in England this is 16years old. For me this was 2005, geez sounds so long ago!
 13. Have you been out of the Country? 
Yes, lots of time is my favourite thing to do. 
 14. Do you speak any other Languages? 
Bit of Spanish and French….really want to get on with learning more Spanish.
 15. Do you have any siblings? 
Yes, i have one big brother and an angel baby sibling up in the sky <3 
 16. What’s your favourite store? 
Tough question, this changes between seasons haha. I love BOOTS never disappointed in 
there.  I also love several little boutique shops rather than massive chain stores.
 17. Favourite Restaurant? 
I’m partial to a cheeky Frankie & Benny’s….but any italian i love.
 18. Did you like school? 
Yes i guess haha…much prefered college…
 19. Favourite Movie? 
I love Blue Crush, Beauty and the Beast and the Fast and Furious films 🙂
 20. Favourite TV show? 
Hmm i don’t watch too much telly, but i like grand design and creative real life programs like 
that etc
 21. Pc or Mac? 
Both, well Sony laptop really not a pc. However i do love my MacBook Air
 22. What phone do you have?
The Samsung Galaxy S2 
 23. How tall are you? 
I think I’m either 5″5 – 5″6 ( i’m going to check this out haha)
24. What do you order at Starbucks? 
A strawberrys and cream Frapp or hotchoc if i’m feeling that way.
 25. One thing in your closet you cannot live without? 
My lipbalm and slippers!
 26. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you?
Ha, like i’m going to let that secret out…become one of my besties and you might just find out. 
 27. Name one thing you want to do before you die… 
Have a nice little family and go to Calafornia
 28. What’s one food you cannot live without? 
 29. What quote/phrase do you live by? 
“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living 
every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley
“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby
30. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes?
Enrique Iglesias –  Heartbeat
31. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? 
I’m a bit of a dip into allsorts, but when out of work, chic with an edgey twist Ha!
32. Favourite number?
 33. Two Hobbies? 
Travel (anywhere, everywhere and every few months) and …….Beauty!
 34. Two Pet Peeves? 
Hearing people eat :'( this really gets to me! and umm germs, people not handwashing. 
35. Guilty Pleasures? 
Sundays, getting up having a shower, putting clean pj’s back on and staying in them ALL 
day! Also chicken dippers and smiley faces, still so yum!
So my beautiful readers i hope you’ve enjoyed this little two minute read, please tag yourself 
if you also want to take part, i tag the follow people.  
Did we get any of the same or similar answers, anything you would like to know more about?
If there any TAG’s you would like me to do or any blogs you would like to see, please do let me know. 

Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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Liz Earle – Energising Body Wash

Liz Earle

Energising Body Wash (100ml)

Hello Beauts, 
                        Another pot of gorgeousness here from Liz Earle, it’s a mere 100ml for the one I have but this is perfect for overnight breaks, sleepovers and holidays etc. Who doesn’t love a miniture anyway? So cute! However saying this no need to worry as it also comes in fullsize bottles aswell. 
I have to be totally honest here now and say I have only swatched this product myself. I misread the ingredients when buying it and on a second look realised it had ‘sweet orange oil’in. As some of you may know orange products, both beauty and foodwise are one of the few things I am allergic to so quickly washed it off my hand. This proved a little difficult as it lathered up so much (yay, for Liz Earle), however don’t worry it came off in time folllowed by a thorough handwash with a different product and I survived haha. I have promised myself I will always read labels more carefully from now on. 
So anyway, I got my cousin to test this for me and report back for you lovies. She said as I found out that this lathered up so well on the sponge whilst using it in the shower. So didn’t need a lot in the shower. Bonus!
With sweet orange oil, rose water and several other essential oils for my lovely tester this was a stronge frangrance especially with the heat of the shower room releasing the scent more. She really like this though, but i would suggest that if you are sensitive to strong scents to definately be careful and test it first or look at the other bodycare products in the range. 
It suggests that following on from this to use the Energising Body Scrub. I definately think this is a good idea. I love to use a cleanse, scrub and moisturise routine in the shower and have found that if you use a set or range they work well. As they have ultimately been created to compliment each other. Also sticking to the same scents during each bath leaves you smelling less like a prefume factory haha. 
I, well we would definatley recommend this product, it simply is one that i just can’t personally use otherwise I would be. Boo!
As with all Liz Earle it is a luxury price point for some at £8.75, however these travel sizes do fair well so are definately worth the money.
I always feel my few allergies get in the way of my beauty. Orange and lavender being the main culprits and they seem to be in more and more products especially skincare. Do you have any? 
Have you tried Liz Earle? If so, what is you favourite product in the range?
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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