Beauty Handbag Essentials for Autumn | Blogtober #7


As the cooler weather starts to creep in and the crunchy Autumn leaves appear. It is time for lots of changes to suit the incoming season. You may immediately think of digging out your favourite scarves and bobbles hats and making all those chocolately drinks to make sure you stay cosy. However you may notice that you might have to switch up your handbag and its contents too, in order to swish through the change of season. Here are five essentials I always have in my bag in Autumn.

A lipbalm – I use a balm all year round but even more so as the days get colder. I have been enjoying the Burt Bees with peppermint. These lipbalms never fail, so moisturising and all natural. It hard to find a good one that does the job well, but I would definitely give these a try if you haven’t already.

A lippy – It is always nice to have a bit of colour for your lips in your handbag for those unexpected drinks after work or to perk yourself up during the day. I tend to prefer something lighter on my lips. So these Benebalms from Benefit which are more sheer than a regular lipstick are perfect to add a bit of colour, yet still be moisturising.

Anti-Bacterial Handwash – This is an essential for me everyday but as it starts to get chillier and people start to get colds it is such a handy thing to keep one your bag. You will be so grateful of this little bottle during those public door handle moments and it will save you till you can get to a bathroom and wash your hands properly.

A Hand Cream – Keep those hands soft and moisturised with a rich hand cream. If you have been using an anti-bac hand wash, they have a tendency to dry your hands in places sometimes if using them quite often. So having a cream to add some moisture back into the skin is a easy way to keep them in tip top condition. The hand bag friendly tubes from The Body Shop are brilliant and come in a whole range of scents. I have been trying out the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, it is a slightly more herbal fragrance than I would normally choose, however it is so nice to apply and feels light on the skin with no slippery residue.

Hair Brush – With wind and rainy drizzles getting more frequent, it is a good idea to pop a comb or hair brush in your bag, to tame your hair when you need it most. With long but fine hair mine gets knotty quite fast, so I always have one with me. The Ikoo Metallic Brush is in my stash at the moment, it is great for de-tangling without snagging or damaging the hair.

Mirror – this one need no explanation, such a handy little piece to save you in bad hair or makeup moments. You’re best friend will also thank you so much, when she has forgotten hers.


What essentials are in your handbag / manbag at the moment?


Current Beauty Favourites | Blogtober #5


I tend to wear little or light makeup in the summer so when autumn decides to come around, I enjoy dipping back into my collection and playing with my makeup more as my summer glow starts to disappear. I tend to stick to peachy and nudes tones, whilst I’m not totally pale, leaving berry tones till it gets more towards winter.

I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have been reaching for over the last couple of weeks. There are a few old classics here really, but nevertheless they are some of my faves.

Lancome, Tresor Midnight Rose – I received my first bottle of this as a gift and have loved it ever since, it is definitely a more sultry fragrance so is perfect to wear of an evening or in the crisp autumn when you want something a little less whispy and fresh. It also lasts for so long in the skin, you can still get a scent in the morning, which is something I look for in a perfume. It is definitely one to see you all through the night.

Real techniques accent & base shadow brushes – I always come back to these brushes from RT, they are affordable, easily available and work amazingly. I have been wearing a little bit more makeup especially on my eyes. So using the base shadow brush for a quick swipe of colour, has been perfect. It is a great one to pack your colour on aswell blend it all in. I also like to use the accent brush for a soft powder eye line for the days when you’re just not feeling a slick of liquid eyeliner but still need to look awake as you leave the house.

Maybelline 740 coffee craze – This lipstick is a beautiful pinky nude, it almost looks like your own lips but better. This range from Maybelline is gorgeous, they glide on really nicely and last fairly well for a budget lipstick. It is a great one to pick up and apply on the go which is why I have been loving it lately. Is anybody else always in a rush somewhere?

Urban Decay Naked basics – There is not much I really need to say about this little palette or the urban decay eye shadows. You will no doubt have seen, used or heard about them I’m sure. I love the bigger ones, however the ‘basics’ is my fave. It is so compact and has the perfect range of colours in there (for me anyway). This palette will see you through from a highlight shade, to the perfect day look right to an evening smokey eye. I even use this palette for my brows. It is definitely the one I reach for the most and is small enough to take with you and for travel too.

Milano baked brush 05 Luminoso – Although these are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK Milano blushes are worth the effort of tracking down. I particularly like this one as it is from the baked range so applies really gently and has a twist of different tones running through it so doesn’t look like a harsh blusher on the skin. The Luminoso is quite a peachy tone, compared to what you would normally see as we go into Autumn, but the soft peach has a slight shimmer so just creates a glow to the face really. Something I am taking advantage of before my skin becomes a wintery shade of pale again.

What is your favourite product at the moment?


Professional Beauty – The Press Bag | Blogtober #3

professional beauty press bag locked in a bow blog

When you get invited to an event whether you are press, a blogger or just an invited guest you are sometimes kindly given a gift bag. Gift receiving is always an awkward moment for me, I feel thoroughly grateful to receive any gift but feel uncomfortable at the same time. Nevertheless is was very kind of the team at Professional Beauty to arrange these bags for us. Usually they are filled with goodies and promotional pieces to enjoy, try out and review. This is more than just a bag of freebies though, as a blogger it allows us to get to know new brands and try out new releases from brands we already love.

Going to a press area however is definitely not just about the goodie bag, it is the perfect time to build up relationships between companies and PR’s who are showcasing at the event. A chance for you to talk with the team and get to know a little more about them and their ethos aswell as introduce ‘yourself’ too. Chatting with brands and other people in the media is my favourite part (a little scary sometimes), it definitely makes things a little more personal when thinking about, reviewing or buying a product from a brand.

I recently went to Professional Beauty in Manchester, if you aren’t aware it is a trade show held up and down the country for professionals and students in the beauty industry. To showcase new collections, the opportunity to compete and the chance to learn or buy tools of the trade. There is so much to do and see, I would definitely recommend applying for your free ticket if you are in the industry or you are a beauty blogger to stay on top of the game.

If you’ve been a reader for a long time, you will have more than likely seen my previous posts which show the exhibition in more detail. However today I thought I would share with you a peak inside the press bag I received and some of my favourite pieces. I will of course be trying these out over the next couple of weeks, so if there are any little gems expect to see some mini reviews coming up soon.

So do you see anything you fancy in there?


Heaven Skincare SOS Kit | Blogtober #2



For many of us the change of seasons can be a time when our skin starts to suffer. Swift changes in temperature and humidity can confuse our skin, as well as our hair and ability to dress accordingly each morning. Autumn is definitely a time where it is different every single day, some days we have the most beautiful sunshine and the next it can rain so hard and almost be in single figures i.e. far to cold.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently and it is definitely not a one size fits all when we come to caring for our beautiful skin. However if you begin to recognise the signs that your skin isn’t feeling its best or you are noticing signs of redness or dryness; whatever it may be, there is a solution out there. If you get to know your own skin you will be able to think about changing what you are currently doing to fix the problem as soon as possible.

You maybe not always have a suitable product at home, so having something like the SOS Kit from Heaven Skincare which has some emergency essentials inside could be your saviour till you can get to the shop and top up your stash. Little kits like this are a perfect little pep for your skin and are great to snaffle out of your beauty stash just when you need them.

This particular one contains:

Hydro Cleansing Milk,   Age Defiance Cream,   Bee Polish

Silver Bee Venom Mask  and the Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel

Whether you need a deep cleanse, an intense moisturiser or a purifying face mask you will be covered with the SOS Kit. I would definitely recommend this and similar kits to have on hand for the times when you really need them. They are also perfect if you have a last minute invite or a weekend away, slip them in your bag quickly and you are good to go.

What are you skincare saviours? We would love to share your favourite product with us all.


An Introduction to AromaWorks Skincare



Walking round the Professional Beauty show in Manchester I was drawn to the AromaWorks stand by the simplicity of the products and ‘aroma’ that was floating around as you walked by. I was welcomed onto the stand to explore their collection and have a hand and arm massage by one of the girls. This was a very welcome offer towards the end of the afternoon. Laid on a crisp white bed I instantly felt relaxed, the various oils used during the massage were so soft to the skin and warmed as it went along.  As a migraine sufferer I sometimes struggle with highly fragranced products however I was given a choice of my preferred oils and although they were full of scent it wasn’t overpowering at all.

After a blissful fifteen minutes, I explored their stand a little more to find everything from regular skincare and bathbombs to candles and diffusers. All in their signature scents and cocooned in simple yet beautiful packaging.

I was kindly given a few little samples to take away and try at home, again they were lovely to use. The face wash had quite a strong scent however it applied nicely and didn’t feel as though it stripped the skin to harshly. I also has a sample of their hand wash, obviously due to the size I was only able to try this once so can’t really gauge an opinion, but it was nice to use and the fragrance lingered for a while afterwards. Finally and my favourite was the Purity Face Toner, again a slight scent however it felt light when applied and soaked into the skin like a dream. It didn’t feel heavy and I only needed a couple of drops to cover the whole face. I would happily use the toner in my nighttime skin routine, and would definitely recommend this out of all the products I tried.

It is nice to find another skincare brand that has those little extras in their range to ensure you can have a truly relaxing pamper session when needed aswell being perfect for your regular daily routine. Have you heard of AromaWorks before?