Divine Cream | A moisturiser for all skin types?

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divine cream heaven skincare lockedinabow blog

You know the saying one size fits all but in reality one size fits nobody!

When a moisturiser claims to suit all skin types, that’s a pretty big ask right? So I was excited to try out Heaven Skincare’s Divine Cream. I tried this out with my mum who’s a different skin type to really see if we could both see the benefits. As advised we used this both in the morning and evening alongside an SPF in the day.

Packed with organic essential oils  such a witch hazel and Vitamins A, C and E, this cream is great to soothe and repair sun damaged skin aswell as increase elastin levels to leave you skin looking and feeling plumper, younger and fresher. Don’t be put of by a product that is labelled with anti-ageing, this doesn’t mean if you’re under 30 you can’t use it, it just has extra properties to assist more mature skin along the way. With a natural source of  Vitamin C, this will help to make everyone’s face radiate.

So after using this, me with my normal to dehydrated skin and my mum with a more dry to combination skin type have both seen positive results. Mum, found her skin was more balanced overall rather than being dry and then oily in different areas of her face. She also felt her skin was much softer to the touch, always a nice feeling; but thought that she would need to carrying on using the Divine cream for a few more month to see if it had any ‘plumping effect’.

I have fairly normal skin with no issues apart from the odd spot of dehydration which is purely due to not always drinking enough whilst out of the house (bad me)! I found this cream to be really nice to use, it’s quite a thin creamy texture however sinks in nicely and doesn’t settle on the top of the skin.  I am not too picky with my moisturiser as long as it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This didn’t but did leave my skin looking fresher and brighter especially on those little dull bits from lack of sleep and water. I can’t speak for those of you who may have more problematic skin issues, however with all natural ingredients I wouldn’t hesitate is recommending the Heaven Skincare brand for you to try out. It was a big thumbs up from us both, we would definitely be happy to keep on using this cream daily.


Instagram Log: June

Instagram Log June locked in a blog

Swimming with Dolphins  |  The Face Behind the Blog | Desk Styling

June, a total whirlwind as they say. Family birthdays, deadlines, days out and holiday memories it may have been crazy but there was lots of fun things packed in along the way. With deadlines all coming to an end June was the time to breathe a little sigh of relief and dream about a good nights sleep once my mind remembered how to stop a little.

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Almond Hand and Nail Range | The Body Shop

The Body Shop Almond hand and nail cream

the body almond hand and nail butter locked in a bow blog

Looking at this little duo from The Body Shop, you may be thinking Hannah they are basically the same. Yes your quite right, they definitely both have the same sweet almond fragrance but they have different uses. Firstly let’s stick with the scent, I don’t know about you but it’s the first thing I am drawn too if buying skincare in store. I suffer with bad migraines and scents can be one of the triggers so I’m now really careful to use the testers and walk round for a little to see if it suites me. Most stores are ok with this.

I was instantly drawn to the Almond out of the many scents available at TBS knowing it wouldn’t be overly floral or ‘heady’, a family term I can’t quite describe. I wasn’t disappointed, this is a lovely soft but sweet scent but it does linger on the skin which is something I love about The Body Shop products.

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Instagram log: April

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Cards for Friends | Sunny Sand Drawings | Beauty Box Goodies

My Little Box | Fresh Roses | Pantone Colour Swatches

April for me has been a total blur, a washout of month and one I don’t really want to repeat. Full of uni deadlines and ill health beyond my control. However not to be a negative nelly as we don’t like her. We are four weeks closer to summer with one deadline to go and fingers crossed I am over the worst illness for now. It’s crazy writing this the day after we had snow in England but the sunshine months are literally around the corner, I am that excited I could pop. Ha!

I started my Instagram logs last month and it seemed to go down well so I thought I would share all the best bits of this month too, I wouldn’t want you to miss out now. For such a weird month my feed turned out to be a pastel lovers dream. There is nothing I love more than giving gifts and when you find a cute card it makes the treat all the more special. The beginning of the month brought glorious sunshine and a rare free day which meant basking in the rays and drawing pictures in the sand.

With a quick switch in the weather, cosy indoor evenings meant I could catch up and delve into my subscription boxes and what a treat that was, little surprises can brighten up anybody’s day. Despite the crazy weather beautiful blooms of all kinds have been appearing, gorgeous scents and spring like colours, my fave! Talking of colours, I had a special delivery from Pantone, the masters of colours. Many of you may think I am crazy crushin’ on these, but what you don’t know is they mean the start of very big things in Summer so they were super exciting for me.

How did you April turn out?  Any good thoughts to share with us all?


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Five Easy Steps To Become a Morning Person.

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