Liz Earle – Energising Body Wash

Liz Earle

Energising Body Wash (100ml)

Hello Beauts, 
                        Another pot of gorgeousness here from Liz Earle, it’s a mere 100ml for the one I have but this is perfect for overnight breaks, sleepovers and holidays etc. Who doesn’t love a miniture anyway? So cute! However saying this no need to worry as it also comes in fullsize bottles aswell. 
I have to be totally honest here now and say I have only swatched this product myself. I misread the ingredients when buying it and on a second look realised it had ‘sweet orange oil’in. As some of you may know orange products, both beauty and foodwise are one of the few things I am allergic to so quickly washed it off my hand. This proved a little difficult as it lathered up so much (yay, for Liz Earle), however don’t worry it came off in time folllowed by a thorough handwash with a different product and I survived haha. I have promised myself I will always read labels more carefully from now on. 
So anyway, I got my cousin to test this for me and report back for you lovies. She said as I found out that this lathered up so well on the sponge whilst using it in the shower. So didn’t need a lot in the shower. Bonus!
With sweet orange oil, rose water and several other essential oils for my lovely tester this was a stronge frangrance especially with the heat of the shower room releasing the scent more. She really like this though, but i would suggest that if you are sensitive to strong scents to definately be careful and test it first or look at the other bodycare products in the range. 
It suggests that following on from this to use the Energising Body Scrub. I definately think this is a good idea. I love to use a cleanse, scrub and moisturise routine in the shower and have found that if you use a set or range they work well. As they have ultimately been created to compliment each other. Also sticking to the same scents during each bath leaves you smelling less like a prefume factory haha. 
I, well we would definatley recommend this product, it simply is one that i just can’t personally use otherwise I would be. Boo!
As with all Liz Earle it is a luxury price point for some at £8.75, however these travel sizes do fair well so are definately worth the money.
I always feel my few allergies get in the way of my beauty. Orange and lavender being the main culprits and they seem to be in more and more products especially skincare. Do you have any? 
Have you tried Liz Earle? If so, what is you favourite product in the range?
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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