May 2015: The Year to welcome a new Royal Princess.

The Famous Blackpool Tower in my home town, lit up Pink on Monday in hour of our new Princess. 

So May 4th, 2015 was a special day in lots of way. Not only was it a Bank Holiday in the UK and the special wedding for two of my friends but it was a momentous day for Britain and the world. 
This special Monday brought the Birth of a very special little lady….. 
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, born at 8:06am weighing 8lb 3oz.
The worlds first glimpse of Princess Charlotte in her mummy’s arms.

This isn’t usually the kind of post for my blog and I’m sure you have already all heard and seen the news. However being very proudly British and a fan of the Royal Family I wanted to mark this occasion to remember for the future. 
The day brought lots of joy to me and many people aswell as a lot of criticism that such a fuss was being made for ‘just a another little girl’ being born. 
I certainly didn’t hold this view, yes it was another baby. Every baby should be celebrated, they are such precious little gifts. 
It was however a momentus day in lots of other ways. A moment where excitement couldn’t be contained, anxiousness arose as the world waited in anticipation and huge smiles appeared no matter where you were. A rare joyous occasion where everyone (nearly) came together and forgot the crazy fast pasted unloving world we live in just to get a peek of latest Princess in town. 
An amazing day for so many reasons or so I thought anyway. 
The name was announced the next day, another exciting time as people tried to guess what it would. Feeling very proud, I guess all three names and in the correct order. I only got one right with her handsome brother so big improvements there. Such a beautiful choice and a fitting tribute to various loved ones within their family. 
Prince George with his daddy going to meet his sister for the first time. 

So what is ahead for Princess Charlotte? A lifetime of being loved by the Nation, a chance to achieve whatever she may dream of in the future, to be a doted on grand-daughter daughter, cousin, niece, or friend. Most importantly though to be a lovely but sometimes testing little sister to Prince George. They both have lots of fun times ahead of them as they grow up together and for the many years following.
How did you celebrate this momentous day? 

2015 | March Highlights

Erm, March where did you even go? I have been so busy and done so many things in the last month, it really has flown by.  I have been to London, been to Kingston, been inside Henry Vll’s kitchen, celebrated family milestones, had sleepovers with my niece and nephews. Aswell as going to work, I created lots of designs for Uni, fought to keep healthy (just about made that) and of course it was Easter so I celebrated that with the rest of you too. 
So yep, it’s been a busy one!

Believe it or not the month started off quietly, for the first week or so. All I did was go to work and do coursework. Handed in another pesky assignment aswell as creating some lovely sympathy floral designs for my portfolio.  

A little free time, meant I had the chance to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. Annabel from Mascara and maltesers is not only a friend but has a beautiful blog which is perfect for when I need a bit of beauty indulgence.  
I have also been indulging in Flowerona a flower design blog by Rona! This eloquently written site focuses on all elements of the industry.  I get so much inspiration from Rona, to help with my own floral journey. However even if you just have a love for flowers in general you will love the website. 

March sixth brought a special night, one of my mums Christmas presents was to go and see Brendan Cole’s A Night to Remember show at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was a fabulous night. Glitz, glamour, handsome dancers,   and lots of audience interaction, we really would recommend it. 

Towards the middle of March things got a little crazy. It was my nephews first birthday, my brothers anniversary aswell as my mum and dads. Lots of celebrations, treats and present buying went down! 

After all that excitement it was time to start focusing on preparing for London. I packed up and set of early to get there before the lunch time rush then headed straight to Tottenham Road. Followed by a quick trip to Liberty London, walking through their flower entrance is always a delight. I picked up some homeware and props for my photography and then headed out to get lunch before catching the train up to Kingston Upon Thames.

Once in Kingston I headed up to Old London Road to check into my hotel, and was greeted by this delight. The ‘Out of Order’ sculpture by David Mach. This was attracting so much attention and helped me find my hotel for the whole weekend in a town which was very unfamiliar to me. Bags checked in, I wrapped up and headed out to find my bearings and grab a bite to eat before sunset. 

On the Saturday, I headed over to Kingston University to the Traverse15 conference, the highlights of my day there were meeting new likeminded friends and bloggers, a fab masterclass with Pinterest UK, talking all things travel and gaining some expert advice on social media and brand collaboration. More to come on what I gained from my day soon, what this space.

Sunday brought my last day off of the month, I headed over to Hampton Court Palace and gardens, home to Henry Vll and his many wives. It was such a blustery day so it was hard to make the most of the outdoors, however inside was incredible. I spent at least three hours in there, so much to see, do and explore. Who would have thought I would ever see a Tudor toilet hey, haha! I will definitely be going back in summer to explore the gardens and get lost in the maze. 

It was then time to check out and say see you soon to Kingston before heading back up to Euston to get the train home. 

A fairly busy month for me, with lots of excitement. I wonder what April and Spring will bring!

What was your favourite part of the March? 


New Year’s Eve in EuroDisney | Paris

New Year’s Eve in EuroDisney | Paris

Disney for New Years Eve anybody? Yep I thought so! Seen as though we were in Paris for the week after Christmas where better to head in search of festive fireworks, than a magical land filled with your favourite Princess’s and Disney characters to enjoy it with. 
David had never been into a Disney park before so I don’t quite think he knew what to expect. There were lots of questions, which just made me even more excited the night before. Obviously in comparison to Disney World it is a much smaller place of wonder but nevertheless it is still a great day out especially if you’re into rides there is something to please everybody. 
We got up early and grabbed a quick bite for breakfast on the way before travelling over to the park. We arrived at about 11am and it was already filling up I don’t think we had quite thought through that it was a Bank Holiday, we were in for crazy times and huge queues.

What would Disney be without a selfie out side the gates, we had several goes with many unknowing photobombers in the background, check out our Facebook for the best of those haha. 

We were straight in and greeted by the King and Queen of Disney themselves, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. What better way to start a day of Disney magic. 
We had our first look around the shops at this point whilst the parade was taking place.(quick tip) If you’ve already seen it once that day go in the shops or grab food at this point as you will get served so much faster whilst everyone has rushed to Main Street to watch it. 

Rides were next on the agenda before the waiting times rocketed. They were already so long but fast passes were our savior on this busy Bank Holiday. The Rock ‘N’ Roller was our favourite ride of the day, it was last time too. If you like loud music, rollacoasters, speed and going upside down this is definitely the one for you at Disneyland Paris. It’s fast and over in a few minutes but is going to get your heart pumping for sure. We also liked Armageddon and The Hollywood Tower Hotel rides.

Just to the side there was the Moteur Action Stunt Show….featuring some very familiar friends from the movie Cars. It is a great show with audience participation and you get to learn some of the tricks used in the movies. I’m not going to reveal though, you will have to wait till you go. 

It was starting to get cold one degrees in fact and was nearing snack time so we grabbed a hot chocolate and some cookies and decided to walk through Toy Story Land. This was so amazing and a new addition to last time I was here. Everything was on a mammoth scale even we felt tiny, a real wonderland for children.

What would a day trip be without a few selfies for the family album…so many photo opportunities to be had here. 
We then headed back up to Main St. for the final parade of the day, being the last day of the Christmas theme it was the perfect way to see off the last day of the year. 

It was then time to walk back through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle as the sun was setting to grab a bite to eat for dinner.
Do you spy a Disney Castle in distance? The skies had darkened and the time had come t o head over and wait for the countdown to welcome in 2015. 

It wasn’t long before the crowds gathered around the castle, full of cheer and excitement. 

Although it was so busy and the crowds were immense it really was a special place to bring in the new year. Sharing it with thousands of people made it all the more special. Thankyou Disneyland Paris for having us on such an infamous day of the year.

It was time for one last look down Main St. as we headed back to the hotel to warm up and get some rest before a busy time in Paris for the first day of the year?

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? We hope you had a special new year too.


Portobello Road | London

Portobello Road | London! A little trip to market

Hey beauts, 
After having to take another quick weekend trip up to London from the North I had a little spare time on Saturday afternoon so I decided to pop up to Portobello Road as the market was on! If you’ve never been and you get the opportunity you really should pop up there. There is going to be a lot of photos in this post I really wanted to give you a good look at what is out there, I hope you enjoy! 
This market really is a delight. Everytime I go it reminds me of being abroad and the street markets in the evening. With street food in every direction, amazing buskers galore and little boutique stalls selling everything from records to handmade goods and antiques. There really is a little bit of something for everyone! So lets get on, enjoy these snaps.
Gorgeous children’s antiques and silver pieces.
Just two of the buskers, the guy on the sax was amazing, I could have listened all afternoon.
Trinkets and tourist items, I couldn’t be happening checking out little bits like these.
The famous coloured houses I wish more roads looked like this.
A fabulous artist creating prints of iconic British landmarks and beautiful handcrafted jewellery and accessories. 
The busy weekend crowds, busy busy busy! 
Strawberrys and Crepes, two of my fave foodie items 🙂
Just a little look at some more foodie bites seen as they were such a big feature of the market. This roof top terace restaurant looked so cute but unfortunately was busy on my way back down. I will definitely be stopping off here next time.
As you near towards the bottom of Portobello Road on the right you will come accross Acklam Village which is seriously foodie heaven! If you love street food and every kind of it then you will be very happy here! The smells, the drinks, the hustle and bustle this is a great little spot to chill out anytime of the day.
On a final note what would a street party be without a cocktail or mocktail whichever is your thing? This guy was amazing and even put strawberry liquor in my pina colada just how I like it. A very happy girl on my way back to the hotel. 
Have you ever been to Portobello Road?
What are your favourite things to do in London?
Love and Smiles, 

Hannah xx

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What’s In My Bag? – (travel)

What’s In My Bag? – (travel edition)

Hi Beauts, 
                Firstly sorry for the delay between now and my last blog I have been busy with lots of birthday celebrations as well as getting ready for my autumn holidays. So now on with this little post then, if you are anything like me I love to see what other people take away with them. So I thought I would share mine with you! This is just for my toiletries, if you would like to see inside my holiday makeup bag let me know below. 

So before we go any further how cute is this wash bag? You can’t go wrong with Cath Kidson if you are after prettiness, they always deliver! Whilst ordering some last minute holiday clothes on ASOS I came across this little beauty it was also in the sale for £12. So amazing for this brand. There are quite a few bags etc in the range, definitely check them out. Cuteness factor aside there were so many other reasons I added this to my shopping bag. 

1. I’d had mine for a few years now, it was getting a little scruffy.
2. This is fully wipeable, so useful for accidental spills and the general messiness with cosmetics.
3. Inside (see above) both sections are sealed with a zip and have see through material so you can see everything you have in there. Which makes it so much easier trying to find things.
So there you have it a little look into the essentials I take with me when travelling, each time I go away the brands may very slightly depending on what i’m currently using at the time (summer/winter depending). I will always have something in one of the categories above though! As well as these items I also had a pack of Heaven Skincare wipes and my Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser which didn’t fit in unfortunately. This spray has been so useful lately, being so busy it really is your best friend. A quick spray all over and you are ready to get dressed five minutes later. Yes Please! Look out for a detailed review very soon. 
What are your fave things to take away with you?
Do you have anything extra to me? 
Love and Smiles, 
Hannah xx
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